LetzRoll Off-Road KOH2014

The King of the Hammers race is brutal… extreme… tough… the slightest edge can mean the difference between a top 10 finish and not finishing at all.  Congratulations to LetzRoll Offroad Racing and the #4493 of Andrew McLaughlin and Tim Ray for their 10th place finish in this year’s epic event.  Building off of last year’s top 20 finish, running with TireBalls allowed LetzRoll Offroad Racing to push through almost the entire 3rd lap and record a 10th place finish in the 2014 race with flat driver front tire.


“When the going gets tough, TireBalls keep us going! There is no other part on our rig that can be deployed as the back up on the fly to bring us to the finish line. Tires balls have been there to save the day for us and our racing program!” – Andrew McLaughlin


“TireBalls have been a key part to our success, particularly in qualifying, where we are able to push beyond a level that we see during a race. Qualify well and you have clean air to make smart decisions, qualify poorly and you are battling sometimes with reckless abandon.


At KOH 2014, Andrew & I had pushed harder than ever during qualifying. We ended up 26th out of 156 racers, holding onto a top 10 time until late in day 2. During our 3:24 qualifying lap, we cut a tire VERY early. Without TireBalls, our position would have been vastly different, thus changing our race strategy and perhaps outcome for the big race on Friday.


During the big race, we cut 1 tire early on lap 2 in the rocks – we never slowed down, we never changed strategy.  That tire got changed in the pits and we continued on. We ran the last lap of the race with both front tires having 4” cuts in the sidewalls – because of TireBalls, we never slowed down and we never missed on the rocks. We were able to continue our pace and bring the 4493 home to our ESAB / LetzRoll Offroad Racing family and fans in 10th place overall.”  - Tim Ray

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