Tire Balls® Achieves Winning Results at King of the Hammers 2014

Tire Balls® Achieves Winning Results at King of the Hammers 2014   


     CRESTWOOD, Kentucky  ̶ February 12, 2014  ̶  The Tire Ball Company, the leading manufacturer of high performance run flat tire inflation systems, today announces its key role in the winning performances by the top finishers in the “toughest one day off road race in the world”, the Griffin King of the Hammers (KOH), held in Johnson Valley, CA, February 1-7, 2014. 

     A crowd of almost 40,000 spectators and 500,000 online viewers witnessed more than 150 “buggies” tackle obstacles called “The Back Door,” “Chocolate Thunder,” “Wrecking Ball” and “Jackhammer” during last week’s race.  The KOH race is almost 200 miles long with speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour, and the participants compete knowing only a small percentage of them will actually finish the race. As this year’s race results indicate, the vehicles utilizing Tire Balls had a distinct competitive advantage.

Ultra4 King of Hammers (KOH) Tire Ball History:

     The Tire Ball Company was approached two years ago by Shannon Campbell, two-time winner of the King of Hammers and 2013 National Ultra4 Champion, to develop a tire/wheel survival protocol that would alleviate time delay’s that historically occur when changing flat tires caused by the harsh terrain.  Exceeding many racers expectations, the Tire Balls solution has gone beyond just helping competitors eliminate flat tires.  With the increased confidence that comes from utilizing Tire Balls, drivers have changed their racing strategies due to the increased tire/wheel performance and have even updated vehicle configurations to remove the spare tire, reducing vehicle weight. Throughout the Ultra4 2013 season, many race teams realized the Tire Balls advantage and have incorporated them into their vehicles.

KOH 2014:

Starting with the first race Saturday, February 1, 2014, King of the Moto’s two-time Champion, Cody Webb, a Tire Balls sponsored race team, finished first atop the podium.  Cody dominated the Enduro circuit all last season, and now, he has topped the KOH once again.  Heading into last Wednesday’s UTV race, Tire Balls hadn’t even had time to celebrate the Moto’s victory when Guthrie Racing’s Mitch Sr. and Jr. won the Pro UTV class with Tire Balls.  Friday’s race was even more rewarding for the Tire Balls Company, as Loren Healy’s team took top honors, with Tire Balls.

“Attending our first KOH was exciting enough, but to go into Wednesday sweeping the first place finishers of the Moto’s and UTV’s was overwhelming,” stated Mark Harris, VP of Sales for The Tire Ball Company.  “Then, to have the winning team for Friday’s race, well, to say we are extremely pleased would be an understatement. What an amazing platform to showcase the culmination of our company’s efforts over the last 10 years.” Mark continued.  Erik Evans, President of The Tire Ball Company was also in attendance. “I am ecstatic with the many positive comments on how well Tire Balls worked from qualifying to race day,” Erik commented. “There is no other racing genre on the planet with this much competitive camaraderie. The entire Tire Balls team is thrilled to be part of such an awesome event and industry.”

When the dust settled Friday evening, the Ultra4 top five teams and eight of the top ten finishers all used Tire Balls.


About The Tire Ball® Company: Based in Crestwood, Kentucky, The TireBall® Company designed, developed, and manufactures the Tire Balls multi-cell run flat tire inflation system. Manufactured in the USA,Tire Balls increase performance for ATVs, UTVs, Ultra-4s, BITDs, motorcycles, and motocross and are utilized by the U.S. military, off-road, industrial, agricultural and commercial customers.  For more information, visit www.tireballs.com.


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