Team Gigglepin 4x4 & TireBalls - King of the Glen, Scotland

Jim Marsden and team Gigglepin 4x4 won the first ever Ultra4 Europe King of the Glen held in Scotland by almost 3 1/2 hours in his newly rebuilt Defender based challenge truck, and TireBalls.  Using his trusted Maxxis/TireBalls combination allowed him to have the needed confidence to improve the tires performance and the trust in the event of a flat the necessary support to finish the race without letting off the throttle.  


Jim and TireBalls had dialogue for over a year on what combination of tire size and cell pressures best fit the rugged terrain of the European series that is unique in comparison to the US.  Bog's being the biggest challenge.  We nailed it.  With the first Ultra4 Europe win TireBalls is looking forward to the continued 100% podium presence not only in the US for 2014, but Europe also.


Cheers mate.  

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