Ultra4 Competitors Compliment TireBalls

4.17.2013 – Crestwood Kentucky – The Tire Ball Company developed a multi-cell inflation system for powersports racing over a decade ago primarily for the harsh use in the Midwest terrain for motorcycles.  Soon, the concept grew quickly thanks to the rapid popularity of the GNCC Racing Series to include UTV and SxS’s with outstanding results.  Hundreds of podium finishes by champions propelled the global popularity of TireBalls.

Meanwhile, TireBalls racing success over the next decade was overshadowed by commercial and military applications which now consist of the majority of the business.  “The ongoing testing of the military product was also beneficial for enhancing racing performance, so when TireBalls was approached by Shannon Campbell of Ultra4/King of Hammers fame over a year ago it was a logical step,” according to Mark Harris, VP of Sales for TireBalls. 

Almost immediately after Shannon used the original prototype word spread and Bill Baird joined the TireBall family.  Bill’s new rig had TireBalls in place which he said was a contributing factor in his first Ultra4 win with two flat tires.  Still, the decision to release the product in the fall of 2012 was not an easy one.   “We were at a peak of our production of non-racing applications, and we were not sure if the product would take off since it wasn’t easy to install, they were not cheap, and the racing market was only slowly starting to build back up again,” reflected Harris.  Loren Healy said it best "Even when cursing installing TireBalls I still love them for how they let me drive harder." With some persistence from Shannon and Bill a limited production run was scheduled for December to support the King of Hammers.  With the announcement that TireBalls was committed; the first production run sold out in 36 hours.  “Shannon casually mentioned TireBalls and we received 10 phone calls that day,” Mark said.  The decision to do another limited production run in time for the KOH ran into similar success and the product sold out in 3 days. 

TireBalls success on the podium for Ultra4 is solely credited to the already proven partners that believed in the product and took it to the next level.  Mark said “We were destined to be successful with the resume of the competitors that used our product and they took it to the next level.”  Recognition has to go to some of the most prominent competitors within the extreme powersports racing community most have won the KOH since 2008.  Some of the teams that have taken TireBalls to the next pinnacle: Erik Miller, previous KOH winner and one of the initial teams to get TireBalls, Loren Healy, 2010 winner of KOH and of Cinco De Baja that same year with a podium win already this year, Jason Scherer (Scherererer) 2013 NorCal Stampede champion supported by Adam winning the ‘TireBall Challenge,’ Chicky Barton 2013 KOH podium finish despite 3 flats the last lap to name a few.   

Monthly production schedule is in place and have already shipped to the UK and Canada.  “Right on,” per Shannon Campbell.  


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