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A dynamic mine requires dynamic support to stay on top of new technology. Pillar Innovations is a recognized leader in mine support, serving customers nationwide out of six state-of-the-art sales and service facilities. Throughout the company's history, Pillar has been a pioneer of many new technologies in the industry. The Pillar Innovations EMU will revolutionize the way you think about electric mine vehicles. The EMU is not a re-manufactured golf cart, it is a purpose-built utility vehicle designed to stand up to the rigors of everyday mine duty. From moving material to aiding in the transport of injured miners, the EMU is easily configured to handle a multitude of tasks. TireBalls are an intrical part of the EMU supporting the vehicles tire/wheel performance and the added safety as a run-flat. Flat tires undergound can be costly and in a lifesaving vehicles, mining companies cannot afford not to have a vehicle at the ready.
The patented Tire Ball® Air Inflation System is comprised of multiple individually inflated, cells that fill the vast majority of the space within a tire. The system offers virtual flat proofing, along with improved “ride” qualities such as: enhanced suspension, greater traction, better cornering, and quicker braking.



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