Tire Balls Inner Liners Are Race Ready


The Tire Ball Company Unveils New, Innovative Inner Liner Configuration




CRESTWOOD, Ky., November 28, 2017— The Tire Ball® Company recently completed validation of a new Inner Liner product line that augments the achievements of the globally proven run-flat multi-cell system, yet complies with some recent rule changes for some racing genres. 




Inspired and tested by the United States military back in 2014, the Tire Balls® Inner Liner introduces more protection than the conventional inner liner system through the integration of the coveted Tire Balls® Multi-Cell Inflation System.                                                                                                                                      The Inner Liner validated in conjunction with Hoosier Racing Tire Corporation consists of a stout but light weight carcass, grooved to dissipate heat, and provides the needed insurance for extreme off-road abuse maintaining Inner Liner integrity.  The assembly includes the 15 multi-cells inside the liner with the entire system weighs a mere total of 14 pounds and requires NO wheel modifications since air will pass throughout the carcass.


The benefit of this configuration is to allow an increase in the tire’s contact patch by enabling pressure modifications for harsh off-road environments.  This is accomplished without compromising the tire’s side-wall shock dampening effect, while providing inner bead lock support and run flat capabilities. 

Erik Miller, multiple Ultra 4 champion stated after months of testing, "The new tire liner system from TireBalls gives you the best of both worlds with a redundant run flat setup, all while reducing weight from the old system and adhering to the new rules in Ultra 4 Racing." 

Learn more about how the Tire Balls® Inner Liner can benefit your racing team by visiting www.tireballs.com or contacting the Tire Ball Company at 502-243-1601.


If you’d like more information on all of the Tire Balls® products, please call Mark Harris at

502-243-1601 or email Mark at mharris@tireballs.com.



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For over a decade, the Tire Ball Company has supplied innovative, military-tested multi-cell inflation systems to the extreme off-road racing communities for motorcycles, ATV/UTV’s, side-by-side vehicles and ultimate extreme off-road platforms.

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