Looking for a way to take your ride to the next level?

Inflate your tires with TireBalls and conquer any terrain on Earth without worrying about tire punctures and flats. Never get stopped by a flat tire again!

Multiple TireBall Cells are the Secret
The TireBalls High Performance Inflation System consists of multiple individual inflation cells inside your tire - not just one tube. The puncture of a TireBall inflated tire results in a single flat cell out of many, not a flat tire, allowing many puncture situations to be ignored. Chances are, a rider will not even recognize the loss of air in a deflated TireBall.

Virtually Eliminate Flat Tires

Each individual Tire Ball cell is made from state of the art materials that are 10 times more puncture resistant than conventional heavy-duty neoprene tubes. And even if one, two, or even three TireBalls suffer punctures, the rest of the Balls pick up the slack and keep you running strong.

Improve Suspension

Typically your vehicle’s suspension performance is enhanced by eliminating air transfer away from the tire’s contact patch. Upon obstacle impact, a conventional tube or tubeless tire, air moves away from the impact zone. With Tire Balls, the individual air cells allow for progressive increased air pressure, resulting in a smoother ride.

"The harder you hit something the higher the pressure goes."
–Scott Summers (9‐time National Off‐Road Motorcycle Champion)

Improve Traction and Handling

Tire Balls will increase your vehicles traction. By allowing you to run lower air pressure, you increase the tire’s contact patch. With more of the tread on the ground, this creates a wider traction footprint, enabling you to accelerate quicker, as well as, brake faster.

For years, racers have modified tire pressures, in an attempt to gain greater traction, with only varied success. The major advantage with Tire Balls is that you eliminate rim to ground contact. There is a unique increase in air pressure caused by compression of air in the contact zone. Without Tire Balls running lower pressure generally leads to bent rims, increased incidences of pinch flats and cut sidewalls, ruining your ride.


Using Tire Balls, greater stability is achieved, even at lower air pressures. While cornering, the low pressure Tire Balls eliminate the rollover effect, a problem commonly experienced when using inner tubes or tubeless technology, at similar low pressures.

Who uses TIreBalls?

TireBalls are perfect for ATV, UTV, Ultra-4, BITD, Motorcycle, Motocross, Military, Industrial, and Agricultural vehicles.

"Winning Championships for over a decade"


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Chad Duval tire after GNCC
Major damage but these TireBalls ran strong through the rest of the race.


Punctures can't stop a TireBall