Over the years we have accrued some pretty gnarly pictures of our partners all over globe winning championships and keeping our warfighters safe.  So we thought we would share as many as our website can hold.  Thanks to all that believe in our product and share their stories.  


The greatest results in life are usually attained by simple means and the exercise of ordinary qualities. These may for the most part be summed in these two: common-sense and perseverance.
Owen Feltham

Congrats to Paul Whibley, 6 time OMA Champion 2014 and future Hall-of-Famer.  TireBalls partner and advocate for years.  


Ultra4 at the Sturgis Off-Road Blowout Sept 13, 2014.  Three Ultra4 King of the Hammers Winners side-by-side.  All TireBalls partners.  Congrats to Loren Healy with the win.  TireBalls proud.  



Chris Borich hailing from PA is GNCC's ATV dominate pro with 5 wins already for 2014.  Also the most wins ever in GNCC with 69 over his pro career.  Also a TireBalls partner for years.  Congrats Chris.  


Robert Nahas RNN Motorsports attempting 2x Champion Rally Dos Sertoes - Brazilian badass with the balls.  Winning Global Championships for over a decade.  



Scott Summers 2014 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Inductee - Son of TireBalls founder Wade Summers




Levi and Brian Shirley with the win 2014 King of the Mountains race in Italy.  TireBalls proud Ultra4 Europe.


Team Gigglepin with the win at the 2014 King of the Glen in Scotland.  



Axel Burmann for Belgium sporting the 'Balls' for the upcoming King of the Glen.  Globally winning championships for over a decade.  





Chad Wienen, 3 Peat AMA ATV MX National Championships 2012, 2013 & 2014 and 2015 TireBalls supporting a badass quad legend for almost a decade. 


The LTATV program has been one of TireBalls most successful applications.  This 3 year old assembly was put to the test in April 2014 and was discovered after the warfighters thought it may need a little more air.  After not being able to inflate the carcass they discovered the back half of the wheel was missing.  

Mike Bergman shared a picture from the Hot Springs Arkansas Ultra 4 race April 2014.  Mike finished 8th on his first Ultra4 finish with two flats.  Right rear is a good indication of tire deflection even with a flat.  



We get a lot of calls asking about durability of our product.  No better to explain to the off-road enthusiast than pictures.  (2) 2114RH cells at 12 psi.  Yes we make them for tires as big as 42 inches tall.  



Taking what we learn and develop from the racing experiences apply to the military applications also.  LTATV assemblies.



Robert Nahas - Rally dos Sertoēs 2013 - 3000 friggin badass miles with the win


LetzRoll at KOH2014 - Good guys and good partners


Shannon Campbell with the "Storm" - KOH2014 


Guthrie Racing - Mitch Sr. & Jr.  5th KOH2014 win and Tireballs


KOH2014 has been the best week ever.  All three podium finishes with TireBalls.  


Clay Gilstrap qualified KOH2014 with this tire/wheel.  At the finish line is where the balls were all over the course.  


Forearms of Fury - LetzRoll OffRoad Tim Ray and Andrew McLaughlin - Danny Prather too!!


Cody Webb - Endurocross badass with the King of the Motos 2014 win.  And TireBalls.  



GNCC where TireBalls humble beginnings started.  William Yokley included, "like taking a knife to a gun fight."


Danny Prather - Desert Badass -  Who knows where on the podium or winning most weekends.  


Just wanted to share a partners quick installation guides.  It does get easier we promise.  


Partnered with UV Country in 2009 on Kawasaki Teryx's for SOF.  Thousands upon thousands of TireBall equipped tires in Theatre.  


Harry Wagner from Petersons 4 Wheel Off-Road did an article in 2014 about TireBalls.  


Future Hall-of-Famer Paul Whibley showing his balls.  


While talking about future Hall-of-Famers, William Yokley $1 marketing plan.  


Chris Haines - Off Road Hall-of-Famer been on TireBalls for over a decade.  


Chris Haines also trains the Special Operators on UTV use and maintenance.  

We like Danny so much we shared some more.


TireBalls commercial applications may not be winning championships but making commercial applications a much more reliable environment. 


Starting late 2011 we started making the cells more translucent so you can see a quality weld. 



Legends of Ultra4 Shannon Campbell, Erik Miller and Bill Baird.  As we launched TireBalls for the larger off-road racing tires.


US Forest Service using TireBalls on units fighting Forest Fires.  


Scott Summers showing off.  And was instrumental in the development of TireBalls.  


Destry Abbott and Gary Sutherlin some MX and Enduro Badasses.  And TireBalls.  Not the prettiest faces in racing.


Coastal Racing & GNCC.  Pretty typical race, going #1 and #2.  



Military Gators.  TireBalls by the thousands.  



An Xray of a tactical tire/wheel before and after driving 30 miles at 0 psi.  Left is before, and right is after.  



An Xray of a tire shot 5 times.  2x with AR15 and 3x 9 mm.  Then drove for 30 miles at speeds up to 60 mph.  




Bill Baird of Ultra4 fame shared a tire/wheel he finished on at the Badlands Ultra4 race in 2013.  And he won with 2 flats.