Warranty Information

TBDC, LLC (The Tire Ball® Company) will replace any Off Road Pro and MX Pro Series Tire BallR cell that fails due to manufacturing defect within 1 year from the date of purchase. This warranty is for Tire BallR product only, and does not include tools or accessory items; and TBDC expressly disclaims any liability for consequential damages, personal injury or economic losses resulting from the use of any of its products. This warranty is NOT transferable.

Please see examples of manufacturing defects.

Note on MX Pro Series:
The sale of the current design MX Pro Series Tire Ball® cells will be discontinued as of 12-31-11; any purchases after August 1, 2011 will have a limited 6-month manufacturing defect only warranty from date of purchase. A new design Tire Ball® Series will be introduced in its place, in December 2011.

Special Note on Off Road Pro Series Warranty coverage:
As of 8-1-11 ONLY manufacturing defects will be included in the warranty of sales of Off Road Pro Series Tire BallR air cells. Under our previous warranty practice we have covered failures due to punctures and other non-manufacturing defects; this practice will cease as of 12-31-11.

Return Authorization Procedures

Customer/dealer must call our toll free number 1-877-847-3225 to request return authorization. When returning warranty items please include circumstances and details of failure (e.g., ride environment, psi, # balls, etc.), contact information (phone, address, etc.), and copy of proof of purchase. It is purchaser's responsibility for any shipping costs for failed ball replacements.

Please read our limitations of use before using Tire Ball® products.


Updated August 17, 2011