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Eddy Zdolshek summer internship at Tire Balls.  


 We thought to share a video we just released summarizing our testing of the Tire Ball MCIS with all 4 tires flat.  Please enjoy and comment!


What's holding you up?

Military, Commercial and extreme off-road Racing.



Legends of Off-Road and TireBalls 



Winning global championships for over a decade.  What's holding you up?


"Going to a race without TireBalls is like going to a gunfight packing a knife."
William Yokley
2012 GNCC Pro Champion
"TireBalls are the next level of flat prevention. Lighter, tune-able and longer lasting than the alternative. Gotta have em!"
Paul Whibley
2012 OMA and GNCC Champion.
Having the Tireballs saved us valuable time and energy.  They allowed us to gain traction on the sand and rocks without breaking the tire bead.  TireBalls is a valuable part of our Global Response Force mission. 
Lt Jeffrey Hughes
Signals Detachment Commander, XVIII Airborne Corps/525 BfSB


"TireBalls are great! The John Deere mowers ride great and there has been minimal tire wear. There is hardly any difference in weight and the mower handles better at lower pressures."
Garth Vinson
State of KY, Landscape Branch Manager