We are very excited to have recently been appointed the exclusive distributor of Tire Balls® in Australia. We feel privileged and thrilled to have been chosen to represent such a proven and unique product that has such a successful racing, military and commercial history. Due to the scope of the potential market in Australia, Russell Andrew – owner of Russell Andrew Mechanical, and Joe Vowles – owner of NJV 4x4 and have joined forces to bring Tire Ball® to Australia.  NJV 4x4 is proud to have added Tire Balls® to NJV 4x4’s exclusive product ranges, including Red Winches and XXX winch rope and Russell Andrew Mechanical is excited to add the product to the great range of quality mechanical products and services he currently provides.  “The Partnership and Trading name of “Tire Balls® Australia” has been created to ensure that we can provide to the Australian market the exceptional service, installation and product support that Tire Ball® customers around the world are accustomed to” said Mark Harris, Vice President, The Tire Ball® Company.  “In a country with the vastness of remote areas, and commercial applications are just about endless; the added safety benefits, cost savings and reliability that Tire Ball® products can offer so many industries in the Australian corridor is limitless” Harris added.  We also know that the product will change, not only winch challenge/4wd motorsport, but off road motorsport in general in this country.  You will hear more from “Tire Balls Australia” soon, in the mean time jump on to our new Facebook page “Tire Balls Australia” and give us a like J.  Remember to edit the notification settings to ensure you keep up to date with new information and offers.  Regards Joe Vowles & Russell Andrew – Tire Balls Australia.”



We thought to share a video we just released summarizing our testing of the Tire Ball MCIS with all 4 tires flat.  Please enjoy and comment!

What's holding you up?

Military, Commercial and extreme off-road Racing.



Legends of Off-Road and TireBalls 



Winning global championships for over a decade.  What's holding you up?


"Going to a race without TireBalls is like going to a gunfight packing a knife."
William Yokley
2012 GNCC Pro Champion
"TireBalls are the next level of flat prevention. Lighter, tune-able and longer lasting than the alternative. Gotta have em!"
Paul Whibley
2012 OMA and GNCC Champion.
Having the Tireballs saved us valuable time and energy.  They allowed us to gain traction on the sand and rocks without breaking the tire bead.  TireBalls is a valuable part of our Global Response Force mission. 
Lt Jeffrey Hughes
Signals Detachment Commander, XVIII Airborne Corps/525 BfSB


"TireBalls are great! The John Deere mowers ride great and there has been minimal tire wear. There is hardly any difference in weight and the mower handles better at lower pressures."
Garth Vinson
State of KY, Landscape Branch Manager