When BC Customs/HDT partnered up it was after 8 years of Brandon Johnson's life to modify a tactical vehicle he knew worked in the extreme off road community of WERock racing that could help the Air Force satisfy it's Guardian Angel Air-Deployable Rescue Vehicle.  Some of us were not surprised that BC Customs got the award knowing their dedication to their craft and the quality of vehicle's.  We had the good fortune of traveling to Salt Lake to install the first TireBall kits on Unit #1.  SXOR's staff was attentive and quickly learned the process and by tire #2 they were doing it on their own.  Good folks and TireBalls are proud to be part of it.  Only 60 more to build!

Paul Whibley - Global Champion

Paul Whibley, a true champion in many facets of his sport has been a partner with TireBalls since our humble beginnings.  Paul has a history of winning.  Some of his highlights:

2x GNCC Champion
5x OMA Champion
2x Australian Enduro Champion
2x NZ Enduro Champion
2x NZ XC Champion
1x NZ GNCC Champion
3x ISDE Gold Medals


TireBalls in the US Forest Service

 Over the last 12 months test units were placed at selected US Forest Service locations to include Alaska, So. California and Utah.  These test units were supplied with TireBalls for use by US Forest personnel to assess usage of TireBalls in extremely remote areas with rough terrain without having to carry extra gear and supplies in the event of a flat.  These SxS and ATV's have traveled the country preserving our natural resources and keeping the staff safe from harm.  Terry Hollinger said, "I build and maintain trails for a National Forest. We use four wheel drive quads to assist us in maintaining those trails. I was asked to try out a new tire product for my quads by a company called tire balls. We average 3 to 5 flat tires a per season because of sever terrain i.e. thorns sharp rocks. So far this season using the new tires from tire balls we have yet to get a flat tire. In fact we aired down a few tires and weren’t able to even tell they were flat. I have been very impressed by the tires performance so far. In my professional option I would recommend the use of this product and would use them on my own personal A.T.V.s  Thanks Tire Balls."

TireBalls with John Deere Gator

TireBalls equipped the XVII Airborne Corps/525 with John Deere Gator for an excercise in Nevada testing long range surveillance equipment.  Lt. Jeffrey Hughes wrote:  The night tactical 67 mile route consisted of a series of improved roads, unimproved roads, and open terrain (mostly the latter 2). The gators held up tremendously as did the Tireballs. The other three gators without the Tireballs all suffered multiple flat tires each costing us valuable time for repairs. A flat tire on an unloaded gator is not usually a big deal but when loaded with over 2000lbs of pax and gear it can be catastrophic. Having the Tireballs saved us valuable time and energy. In addition to this the Tireballs allow us to air down the tires in order to gain traction on the sand and rocks without breaking the tire bead.

Campbell Racing finishes the 2013 KOH on TireBalls

Congrats to Shannon Campbell of Campbell Racing for a second place finish at the 2013 King of Hammers! The annual KOH is an off-road race that combines desert racing and rock crawling. Shannon got a flat tire during the race, but powered on with TireBalls, finishing in second place. Congrats to the whole race team and family for a great race!


Wanna see a clip of Shannon in action? Check out the video below.





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