Danny Prather - Best in the Desert with TireBalls

Danny Prather has been using TireBalls for many years.  Ironically after finishing 1st in the BITD 2014 Parker 250 we discovered he has been using the same TireBall kits he purchased 5 years ago.  We felt obligated to send him some new ones.  Danny's experience with the TireBall MCIS has us partnering with him starting in 2014 to supply the many desert races and genre's to rekindle our racing presence out west again. Prather Racing successes are abundant.  Significant accomplishments in Best in the Desert ATV Pro-quad Champions the last 4 years running with 1st place finishes in 65 AMA D-38 desert races;, Multiple BAJA 250/500 & 1000 wins dating back to 2006.  Pretty impressive.  "TireBalls allow our team to surpass the limits of any other run-flat on the market.  When flat tires are not an option, run with TireBalls" Danny recently said.  


TireBalls has been developing the larger tire market for the last 12 months and Danny will represent TireBalls in the western region of the US, Mexico and Canadian markets. Markets to include Ultra4, BITD, SCORE, WORC's, BAJA to name a few.  "Danny's first hand knowledge of the product and it's capabilities will position us to dominate the desert racing again" said Mark Harris, VP of Sales, The TireBall Company.  Mark emphasized a "rekindled focus on our racing presence for the UTV/ATV and Motorcycle markets to also now include the extreme truck racing for tires up to 42 inches for some of the most grueling races on the planet."  Any inquires please direct them to Danny at pratherracing@yahoo.com.  


Great Balls of Tires - Petersens 4Wheel & Off-Road

TireBalls - Great Balls Of Tire

Can You Throw Away Your Spare?



Thanks Harry Wagner for giving us a shot on the Rubicon.


Chris Borich - GNCC Legend-to-be

From a small town in PA Chris started riding at the tender age of 13.  Competing against his idol and role model father in the early years prepared him for the legend status today.  After winning his first B Class Championship in only his first full year competing in GNCC his presence in the GNCC circuit started taking shape.  When he turned pro he even won a race his rookie year.  Not til he made the switch to Suzuki in 2008, and TireBalls, his winning carnage started the legend status without looking back.  His first championship A Class in 2009 and has not lost since.  In 2013 he is only 1 win away from tying the all time ATV and dirtbike win record 67 wins.  Ironically he is trying to beat another TireBall Champion Bill Ballance.  TireBalls appreciates the partnership.

TireBalls - Rally dos Sertoes

August 8, 2013

The grueling 3000 mile race in Brazil called the Rally dos Sertoes was just completed by a good friend and TireBall user Robert Nahas. Robert is now a 3 time Rally do Sertoes champion after his first place finish hailing from Brazil.  This 3rd win cultivates a dominance in his class since 2005.  He is also the 3 time Brazilian Champion.  Robert raced his Honda 700 XX using TireBalls representing the Mobil RNN Sports team with team mate Ricardo Purri.  Robert said "with the mixture of hard rocky terrain, a lot of dust, and tricky navigation made it a very long race."  He also added "mental balance is very important" and compared it to a "rally chess game."

TireBalls came through in a pinch.  Robert had gone in excess of 400 miles on one flat tire only puncturing one cell.  "Can I use them again" he asked, and TireBalls durable use and longevity was not in question.  Mark Harris, VP of Sales for TireBalls enthusiastic response was "of course you can."  Robert and Mark had kept in touch throughout the preparation process leading up to the race, sometimes texting back-and-forth til late in the evenings.  "We wanted to get this right" Mark said.  "Baja 500 &1000, King of Hammers, Australian Safari, and DAKAR are critical proving grounds but the 'Sertoes' was a whole new ballgame" according to Mark. The diversity of terrain puts the Sertoes right at the top.  

Nahas was also sponsored by Mobil, Honda, Zona Sul Motors, Zaken, Shoei, Tutto Moto, ASW, Foscomiania, ArtMix, Custom Editora, ITP, 



Pillar Innovations - Mining Safety


A dynamic mine requires dynamic support to stay on top of new technology. Pillar Innovations is a recognized leader in mine support, serving customers nationwide out of six state-of-the-art sales and service facilities. Throughout the company's history, Pillar has been a pioneer of many new technologies in the industry. The Pillar Innovations EMU will revolutionize the way you think about electric mine vehicles. The EMU is not a re-manufactured golf cart, it is a purpose-built utility vehicle designed to stand up to the rigors of everyday mine duty. From moving material to aiding in the transport of injured miners, the EMU is easily configured to handle a multitude of tasks. TireBalls are an intrical part of the EMU supporting the vehicles tire/wheel performance and the added safety as a run-flat. Flat tires undergound can be costly and in a lifesaving vehicles, mining companies cannot afford not to have a vehicle at the ready.
The patented Tire Ball® Air Inflation System is comprised of multiple individually inflated, cells that fill the vast majority of the space within a tire. The system offers virtual flat proofing, along with improved “ride” qualities such as: enhanced suspension, greater traction, better cornering, and quicker braking.



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